Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar

Campaign by students of Oxford brooks university to revoke the honorary doctorate of Ms Aung San Suu Kyi , the De Facto leader of Myanmar. Because of her silence on genocide, torture, killing and gang rap of rohingyan people. Over a million people been pushed out of their homeland.

Justice and welfare Foundation UK organised a seminar on Rohingya crisis at the Ilford Town Hall. Local MP, civic Mayor, deputy speaker of Newham council, councillors and community leaders were present as guest speakers.

Sheikh Ramzy participated as speakers and said: I believe we all sleep while they taking away our countries Rapping our women and killing our brothers and our children. we are the most disunited Ummah in the history of mankind we must unite to save Islam and Muslims and save humanity.
bless you all and work for unity and peace.

Justice for Rohingya conference

sheikh said we never stop until the perpetrators of Genocide in Myanmar are brought to Justice and resettled the Rohingya people to their country Myanma.
an excellent and very successful conference several excellent speakers and hundreds od Audience bless then all.
shaikh said Many thanks to all speakers, volunteers, leaders, guests and participants to succeed the yesterday’s seminar on ‘How to achieve justice for Rohingya’.May Allah bless you all for support the right cause.


Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar, who is responsible?
Sheikh Ramzy organized a meeting in Universal peace federation with leaders and criminal lawyers to establish who is responsible for these crimes against Rohingya. Sheikh Said it is not enough to say just we have to prove to UN and ICC that these crimes have been committed by Myanmar government with strong evidence and proof. our criminal lawyers will people inshaAllah please visit and share the information.

Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar Burma , Dr Sheikh Ramzy speaking in ICD conference in Berlin about rape and killing torturing people of Rohingya in Myanmar. Justice and peace is the solution. many facts are proving rapes and tortures and killings UN is very concerned about this. please see the video and share it please subscribe God bless you all and pray and unite for peace.

Speech at London Ealing Tawn Hall. Genocide in Burma, Myanmay,

Sheikh Ramzy invited to London Ealing Tawn Hall to talk about genocide in Myanmar, Please listen and share God bless u

Interview Myanmar chair of parliamentary party-Burma. Dr Bo Aung Din.
Sheikh Ramzy organized an interview with the chair of parliamentary democracy party Burma. excellent if we could bring democracy to the world especially Burma. , please subscribe and share the video

At Universal peace Faderation, Dr Ramzy/ Genocide repeats again and again and no one helps.
Dr Ramzy’s presentation on Genocide of Muslims in Burma we must stop it, Please share this video. Dear Friends without a doubt the human world is in turmoil. Pollution, disasters, disease, and destruction covers the whole human planet. Unfortunately, besides these, humans are killing each other on a mass scale which never have seen before. And it is simply because of being the wrong colour, wrong nationality, different ideology or faith. Torture, rape, ethnic cleansing, and genocide have become instruments of victory. (change slide 2) The theory seems to be that: If you kill one you are a murderer, but if you kill a million you are a conqueror………..

Sheikh Ramzy Speaking at Universal Peace Federation about the Holocaust and History Repeating Itself

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